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We have been offering comprehensive, psychological treatment in the Central Ohio are for the past 18 years.  Our treatment areas include:

  • Appropriateness for various surgical procedures (e.g. spinal cord stimulator implantation, pain pump implantation, bariatric procedures, spinal infusions, etc.)

  • Assessing potential risk factors of opiate/narcotic treatment of patients struggling with chronic pain.  In light of the passing of House Bill 93, many physicians who prescribe narcotic/opiate medications are finding it helpful to incorporate a psychological consult as part of their treatment protocol, in order to determine the patient's psychological appropriateness for these medications (i.e. do they have a history of substance abuse, overusing their pain medications, doctor shopping, non-compliance with non-narcotic/opiate treatment modalities, etc).

  • Progressive muscle relaxation for treatment of chronic pain.

  • General Psychotherapy

  • Chronic Pain Management

  • Our office also offers the use of Telehealth for these evaluations for the more distant offices that are interested.


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