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A neuropsychological  evaluation is an examination that measures brain function. These examinations are non-invasive and take several hours to complete.  Neuropsychological evaluations determine how an individual's brain uniquely operates. They are typically utilized to determine the presence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (i.e. ADHD), autism (i.e. autism spectrum disorder or ASD), various types of learning disabilities (e.g. dyslexia or dyscalculia, etc.), a progressive dementing process (e.g. Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.), or to measure cognitive change following a concussion (i.e. traumatic brain injury), stroke (i.e. cerebrovascular accident), transient ischemic attack (i.e. TIA) or exposure to a neurotoxic agent (e.g. lead).    

Initial evaluations typically take about 30 to 40 minutes to conduct.  After the first appointment the patient will then be scheduled for the full day of testing, which typically is from 6 to 8 hours. After testing is completed the scoring process will begin, and results should be ready about 6-8 weeks later.  We do neuropsychological testing for individuals 7 years and older.  A referral for neuropsychological testing is not required, however, any information that could be provided by a referring doctor, psychologist or previous testing may aid the psychologist in completing an accurate report.

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